Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ever have one of those days where you wonder, "Why am I doing this???" Well, today was one of those days! I kept thinking that SURELY there was a full moon tonight, because no way could things be this wild without one. Alas, the next full moon isn't until Monday (can't wait to see what Monday is like!) so it was just an off day I guess.
After my fun-filled school day, I had to go out to the dreaded car circle. Now, you'll probably hear me complain about the car circle a great deal, so I'll go ahead and introduce you to it. The Circle is where our car riders are picked up after school. While there are many different jobs that different members of special education/special area/intervention teachers have to work in, my job is a particularly "active" one. I am "lanes", meaning I have to go stand in the middle of our lanes of school traffic, write down car numbers as cars pull in, and call them in to the gym. The gym then matches number to child, and that child goes out to a certain cone where they will be picked up. Honestly, I don't HATE lanes as much as everyone else does. When it is raining (like today), though, that is a whole different story! Because I'm writing on a regular piece of paper, it won't work if I get it wet. So I have to carry a walkie talkie, umbrella, clipboard, and pen AND juggle them all. If only I had 4 arms ;) Actually, that would help me in several areas of my job.
ANYWAY, the Circle was just one big & wet mess today! All in all, I'm glad to be in the comfort of my own home with the comfort of my sweet poodle tonight. I'm off to my Autism Cadre with our local special ed coop tomorrow, so I'll get to take on a new kind of challenge tomorrow. That is one thing about teaching: it's NEVER boring! :)

-Ms. Caudill

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