Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cadre Day!

Well, it was a cadre day today. I'm in lots of cadres. I guess it's kind of my thing. I really do enjoy learning about new and innovative instructional strategies that could work with my kids. It makes me feel like I'm in college again (I'd never thought I'd miss being a STUDENT in a classroom, but I was wrong...I can't wait to start my Master's in the spring)!
Sometimes, though, I just go downhill after the lunch break. I don't know what it is with me, but my brain just tunes out after a nice bowl of soup from Rafferty's. Well, that happened today...badly! I stayed and tried my best to pay attention, but my mind just wandered! It wandered to my little darlings that I was missing at school, and to the AMAZING instructional assistants who are taking great care of them. Then it wandered to my grocery list, that bill on my counter, and to my poodle. GEEZE, FOCUS MS. CAUDILL!!!
Anyway, the Autism Cadre (the cadre of the week ;) ) went pretty well, and we continue to work on maintaining a presence in our district in case we were ever needed by a teacher. Autism is my favorite disability (is it weird to have a favorite?) to learn about and to work with and I have found that it, more than any other disability, tests my teaching skills and pushes me to think of new ideas. I've got a brother with autism, so although I'm still pretty young I have 21 years of autism experience :) Ahhh, autism, my life would be ENTIRELY different without your presence.
Hope y'all have a GREAT Friday! If you are in Kentucky, look up the Constitution Square Arts Festival and come on down to my darlin' home town :)

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