Friday, October 21, 2011

Holly Bloggy Christmas!

Oh my goodness, I was just on Classroom Freebies checking out what was new on this Freebie Friday, when I came across a link to Ms. Preppy's Holly Bloggy Christmas  post! It sounds like a FANTASTIC idea and so much fun. Head on over to Ms. Preppy's blog and check out Holly Bloggy Christmas to see if it would be something you'd have fun doing! TGIF :)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher

It would be really easy for me to use the "About Me" section for this, but unfortunately it posts the exact same thing on my teaching blog as it does on my personal blog. I don't want to say the same thing in! So I decided I'd make myself a blog button that linked back to an About Me post and use that instead. So here it is, the "Meet the Teacher" section of my little blog :)
Name: Claire Caudill
Hometown: Danville, KY
Alma Mater: Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
Degree: B.S., Learning and Behavior Disorders (K-12), Middle Grades English/Communications (5-9 grades)
Currently Pursuing: MA-TL, Moderate to Severe Disabilities (K-12), Teacher Leadership
Aspiration: Rank 1, Director of Special Education endorsement, Autism Spectrum Disorders cognate
Favorite subject: Reading!
Least favorite subject: Science :(
About Me: I am a third year educator of exceptional students, and this year I will be my district's elementary classroom for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Previously, I have taught in a {similar} classroom for students with mild mental disabilities, multiple disabilities and developmental disabilities. I love teaching and I wouldn't want to do anything else! Teacher blogging has really helped me become a better teacher and I can't believe I went an entire year without knowing about its amazingness :) I live in an apartment in my {small} town's downtown with my poodle, Gus. I have a {middle} brother with Autism and {baby} brother with Ankylosing Spondylitis, both of which I am very passionate about. My baby brother will be playing Division 1 baseball for Davidson College in North Carolina this fall, and I look forward to many trips down south to watch him throw the heat!
I like blogging, crafting, reading, pinning :), baking, cooking, watching lots of baseball, and finding new things to watch over Netflix. I am severely addicted to Dr. Pepper (especially $1 Dr. Peppers from McDonald's), Facebook, and the candy I keep in my kids' candy jar. Autism is my "favorite" disability. I can't wait to say I really have a degree in Autism, although to be honest I feel like I already do ;) I'm looking forward to networking and learning more about teaching through the wonderful world of blogging!



Hey there, friends!
Just wanted to tell you about an amazing giveaway going on with 5 fantastic bloggers! Mandy's Tips for TeachersLittle Miss KindergartenThe Creative AppleAshleigh's Education Journey, AND Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes have teamed up to have an awesome TpT/Teacher's Notebook giveaway. They are each picking a winner from their own blog, and each winner receives a material of their choice from EACH bloggers TpT or TN store! That's FIVE prizes per winner, and FIVE winners total...woo hoo! Hop on over to any of the blogs listed above and check out what you need to do to win.
Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Sensory Bin

OK, so I was stalking Pinterest the other day and I came along the PERFECT thing for my classroom! Amanda Nickerson of One Extra Degree calls it The Stress Box. I'm planning on calling mine The Sensory Bin (because I'm trying not to be a total copycat), and thought I'd show you some pictures of what I have so far. Everything in my Sensory Bin came from good ole Target, and almost all of it was from the dollar that part :)

The Sensory Bin so far. Excuse the bad lighting, I'm still on fall break with my family and was in a Hampton Inn hotel room when I took this picture. Lighting = not ideal.


The Sensory Bin includes a funny little pullable, squeezable face filled with air and some Mardi Gras beads. I've got one little darling who loves to jingle keys (says he enjoys the noise they make) and I think he'd really like the Mardi Gras beads for some self-calming.

Next, we've got one of those stretchy headbands that I can never get to stay on my head and two gooey, stretchy lizards. The headband will be good for pulling and stretching, and it has a nice bumpy texture to it. And who doesn't love to stretch those little lizards? Come on, admit it!


Finally, it has stretchable, moldable, disgusting clear putty and one of those fun water tubes! I think it is a winning combination ;)

I'm planning on using the stress bin in my resource class for a student with autism, but I'm also considering making them for some EBD kiddos I've been working with who aren't in the resource room. We shall see! Thanks again, Amanda, for the inspiration. Your Stress Box was a big inspiration to me :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm excited...

...because I won a Biggest Addict prize! How exciting! :) Tamara at TBA sent me my $10 Amazon gift card...thanks Tamara!!! It definitely pays to be addicted to teaching blogs ;)

I'm also pumped because I got the graphic elements of my blog...yay!!! I ordered them from Shop Stephie from Etsy...fabulous! It's a good blogging day today ;)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More TBA fun!

Like I posted yesterday, TBA is having a birthday celebration and a contest to go with it. Today's post is called "3 Things I Bet You Never Knew..." so that bloggers can get to know each other. Well, I know I'm not big like Katie King or Cara Carroll (yet ;) ), but I thought I'd participate anyway. I thought I'd make them all teaching relate to stay with the theme.
1. I had no idea teacher blogs even existed 6 months ago. My then-teammate Stacey Dexter shared The First Grade Parade with me, and I have been hooked ever since!
2. I shared a classroom with 3 other teachers and 8 instructional assistants last year. Needless to say, we were packed in that place like sardines! This year, I only share my space with 3 of my wonderful IAs. Sometimes I miss the insanely busy hub bub that was my room, but usually I enjoy the extra space.
3. Katie King from Queen of the First Grade Jungle and I teach at the same school. Am I lucky or what?!
4. I dabble in every area of special ed. I have kiddos on my caseload that are LBD (Learning and Behavior Disorders), MSD (Multiple and Severe Disabilities) and EBD (Emotional and Behavioral Disorders). It makes for an interesting day!
5. I will begin my Master's this fall in Multiple and Severe Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I can't wait to get back to school!

Well, that's all for now. Head on over to TBA and participate in this fun linky party celebration!

Biggest Addict

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday fun over at TBA!

Happy birthday, TBA! I have found SO many wonderful blogs through your connections, and I am so glad you are around! Teaching Blog Addict has officially been around for 6 months, so they are holding a Biggest Addict Contest!

Biggest Addict

Today's assignment is to write about your favorite teacher and why they were your favorite teacher. I've had a lot of good ones throughout the years, but it is easy for me to pick a favorite. My 12th grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Terri Branson, tops the rest by far. She was that teacher who ignited a fire in me to make my writing better. She implemented a true writing workshop style classroom with HUGE success, even in a school where 90% of the population cared more about what they were eating for lunch than what they were learning in the classroom. I wrote several fantastic pieces during my year with her, including a 25 page short story (pretty good for a high school kid!). When I went off to college, she was the person who inspired me to make my second area of emphasis/certification 5-9 English/Language Arts.
Thank you, Ms. Branson, for being an inspiration! I appreciate you and still think of your influence often :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Fall Break!

I can't believe it is already fall break! The first nine weeks have come and gone, but it feels like we just started yesterday. I'm headed to North Carolina with my family for a mini-vacation, so I'll be absent from my blog until I get back. While I'm gone, just gaze upon the precious face of my family's bulldog puppy and smile :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe break! See you soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Break fun!

Tomorrow is our last day of school before Fall Break! The kids [and their teacher] are SO excited! In celebration of our last day of school, I am making some of Cara Carroll's super delicious sounding applesauce. I told the kids and they were all pumped about our new, fun activity! Only one said he didn't like applesauce, but I told him he might like it if it became a topping for ice cream ;) I thought apples would be a super-fun way to prepare for fall! I am definitely going to post pictures of tomorrow's Applesauce Extravaganza, so be prepared :)
In the meantime, head on over to Cara's blog and see her cute post about appleasauce! Check out the direct link right here and get to cookin'! Hope everyone has a fantastic football Friday! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Idioms

As y'all know, I've been working on idioms and figurative language lately! I wanted to share with you the activity I'm planning on doing tomorrow. I'm going to have my kids finish their own idioms! I was on the internet searching for idiom lesson plan ideas, when I came across the Teacher Tips/Training section of Suite 101. I read about a teacher who got her kids to illustrate the idioms, which I immediately thought was a fabulous idea! It got me thinking about their creativity, and made me wonder what it would be like to get them to create their own idioms based on ones we had already talked about. This will go one of two ways tomorrow: TOTALLY AWESOME or TOTALLY HORRIBLE! I'm hoping for awesome, but we shall see.
Check out my create-your-own-idiom sheets HERE if you are interested!
Have a great week! Next week is fall break for me...woo hoo!!! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AWESOME new blog find!

OK, I don't know about you all but I really don't like teaching science. I think it's because I don't feel like I have many resources or help when it comes to science. As a resource room teacher, it is kind of hard to do the same activities the regular classrooms do. So many of those things are based on Kagan strategies or group work, and my kids just struggle with that.
Anyway, I was thrilled to find an awesome new science blog called Little Miss Hypothesis! She has lots of great ideas and the whole blog is focused solely on science! It is a great resource and I was really excited to find her. Teacher blogs have totally changed my teaching and I LOVE them :)

Check her out right here! I know you'll love her :)

Literal and Non-literal phrases

OK, so the alternate assessments (otherwise known as AAP) in my state require me to teach my kiddos figurative language. I get so very frustrated with AAP because I truly don't think they focus on the things my kids need to know. My babies need life skills: functional things like counting money, telling time, reading two digit numbers, reading in general, etc. I do NOT  think they need to understand figurative language as it relates to Greek mythology...PUH-lease! Oh well, I digress. Nothing I can do about it, right?
Anyway, in an effort to teach this extremely complex topic, I've created a sorting activity to do with my kids on Monday. Hopefully, we'll be sorting phrases by their category (whether they are they literal or non-literal). That is IF my babies remember what they learned last week ;) Gotta get some seriously high quality instruction in this week before fall break...woo hoo! For some reason, I couldn't get these to be in one document so I've created 3 seperate documents (1 set of words and 2 recording sheets). I am planning on having my kids cut these out, mix them up, then glue them on the correct recording sheet. Hope SOMEONE out there can use these! I searched high and low on multiple teacher blogs and didn't find anything much on idioms.
Hope you have a great weekend and week! I'll let you know how this goes ;)
Click HERE for the set of 16 phrases.

Click HERE for the recording sheet for the literal phrases.

Click HERE for the recording sheet for the non-literal phrases.
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