Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday fun over at TBA!

Happy birthday, TBA! I have found SO many wonderful blogs through your connections, and I am so glad you are around! Teaching Blog Addict has officially been around for 6 months, so they are holding a Biggest Addict Contest!

Biggest Addict

Today's assignment is to write about your favorite teacher and why they were your favorite teacher. I've had a lot of good ones throughout the years, but it is easy for me to pick a favorite. My 12th grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Terri Branson, tops the rest by far. She was that teacher who ignited a fire in me to make my writing better. She implemented a true writing workshop style classroom with HUGE success, even in a school where 90% of the population cared more about what they were eating for lunch than what they were learning in the classroom. I wrote several fantastic pieces during my year with her, including a 25 page short story (pretty good for a high school kid!). When I went off to college, she was the person who inspired me to make my second area of emphasis/certification 5-9 English/Language Arts.
Thank you, Ms. Branson, for being an inspiration! I appreciate you and still think of your influence often :)

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