Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Break fun!

Tomorrow is our last day of school before Fall Break! The kids [and their teacher] are SO excited! In celebration of our last day of school, I am making some of Cara Carroll's super delicious sounding applesauce. I told the kids and they were all pumped about our new, fun activity! Only one said he didn't like applesauce, but I told him he might like it if it became a topping for ice cream ;) I thought apples would be a super-fun way to prepare for fall! I am definitely going to post pictures of tomorrow's Applesauce Extravaganza, so be prepared :)
In the meantime, head on over to Cara's blog and see her cute post about appleasauce! Check out the direct link right here and get to cookin'! Hope everyone has a fantastic football Friday! :)

1 comment:

Ms. Rachel said...

Im also doing lots of apple goodness right now!

Found you via TBA.. glad to see another sped teacher.

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