Sunday, October 2, 2011

Literal and Non-literal phrases

OK, so the alternate assessments (otherwise known as AAP) in my state require me to teach my kiddos figurative language. I get so very frustrated with AAP because I truly don't think they focus on the things my kids need to know. My babies need life skills: functional things like counting money, telling time, reading two digit numbers, reading in general, etc. I do NOT  think they need to understand figurative language as it relates to Greek mythology...PUH-lease! Oh well, I digress. Nothing I can do about it, right?
Anyway, in an effort to teach this extremely complex topic, I've created a sorting activity to do with my kids on Monday. Hopefully, we'll be sorting phrases by their category (whether they are they literal or non-literal). That is IF my babies remember what they learned last week ;) Gotta get some seriously high quality instruction in this week before fall break...woo hoo! For some reason, I couldn't get these to be in one document so I've created 3 seperate documents (1 set of words and 2 recording sheets). I am planning on having my kids cut these out, mix them up, then glue them on the correct recording sheet. Hope SOMEONE out there can use these! I searched high and low on multiple teacher blogs and didn't find anything much on idioms.
Hope you have a great weekend and week! I'll let you know how this goes ;)
Click HERE for the set of 16 phrases.

Click HERE for the recording sheet for the literal phrases.

Click HERE for the recording sheet for the non-literal phrases.

1 comment:

Elsie Hunter said...

Thank you for this. I too am having an issue with this topic t teach to 3rd graders, but the State usually gets what the State wants.

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