Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Idiom Foldable! LOVE!

I was wandering around, pinning away on Pinterest the other day (don't you just LOVE that site?!) when I wandered across this little beauty  by Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade. It was a fabulous activity about idioms. The kids really had fun with this, although they did need some extra prompting and guidance. Check out our photos, then PLEASE hop on over to Denise's blog and check it out. I recently discovered it and I just love it! :)

Here's one of my darling first graders working away on his idioms! We drew and wrote the idiom on the outside flap, and drew a picture of what it really meant on the inside flap. Really fun!

I say that the kids are "on the ball" all of the time, so that was a great starting point. They helped me make a list and then copied from the board to help with spelling.

I know this is upside down, but I can't get it to rotate...grrrr! The right side of this picture is what "It's raining cats and dogs" really means, and the left side is what "You are on the ball" really means. This little quiet darling is one of my best artists :)

Have a good week!


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Anonymous said...

I am a non certified teaching grand mother. I try to help the grandkids with special projects and assignments. My 9 year old (Jessica) came to me with a question about non literal sayings and I did not know what it was. Then I looked it up and found your blog. I think your blog is great ! Now I know what a non literal saying is and I can help her think of the ones she hears from me, my friends, her uncles and aunts. She is working on her list now. Thank you for sharing.

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