Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Reasons I Know Christmas is Near

As I was hanging out and blog stalking a little on the FIRST afternoon I've had with nothing to do in [seriously] 4 weeks, I came across a new blog that I am loving...Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. I guess I should clarify: she's not new, but she is new to me because I just discovered her! Anyway, there is a linky party happenin' over there today called: Top 10 Reasons I Know Christmas is Near. Head on over and tell everyone how you know Christmas is just around the corner. Now, for Ms. Caudill's top 10...

10. I would take a Dr. Pepper IV if anyone did them ;)
9. My mom has been complaining about decorations and all the trouble they are.
8. I'm on a constant sugar high from the cookies, candy, and cakes that are always at school.
7. My recycling bin and trashcan are overflowing with red, green, brown, and white construction paper scraps.
6. There isn't a darn gingerbread man left in my whole, entire [small] town!
5. My darling IAs have been cutting, cutting, cutting for weeks.
4. Main Street is lit up like a Christmas tree :)
3. The annual Christmas pageant was last Sunday at church.
2. I would rather "take a hatchet to the face" than head to Walmart.
1. I finally have work on my bulletin board in the hallway!!! ;) Seems like the work in the hallway is the *cutest* at Christmastime :)

Does it look like Christmas threw up in your room, too? I HOPE SO! Enjoy your break, bloggy buddies!

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Reagan Tunstall said...

hello there new friend!! Thank you so much for linking up! I love your top ten! The hatchet to the face is right! Just say NO to walmart! It's horrendous right now!
bloggy love for you!

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