Sunday, June 3, 2012

Assistive Technology

Alright special ed friends (if any of you are actually still reading my stuff!), I have a question...what are your best assistive technology ideas? I have a feeling I'll be needing and using AT a lot next year, and I'm looking for ideas. I found this great idea at Ms. Rachel's Room for a card and easy! If you have any posts or links to assistive technology you think could inspire me, please post below!



Kara said...

I missed your post where you talked about changing classrooms for next year - welcome to the moderate/severe world!! You'll have fun, I'm sure :)

Mandy @ A Special Kind of Class has a lot of great ideas for AT and adaptations on her blog.

I've gotten a lot of my adaptive supplies, etc. from both Lakeshore Learning and School Specialty, especially their department called Abilitations. They are my favorite!!

And on the subject of card holders, I use chip clips for mine! I wrote a post about them here.


Kelsey A said...

My favorite resource for Assistive Technology so far is "Children with Disabilities: Reading the 4 Blocks Way". This book is great as it gives you ideas for using both low and high tech AT in your classroom to support literacy! As for actual AT devices, I LOVE my iPads and I couldn't survive without Boardmaker.

Claire said...

I've never heard of that book, thanks so much for the suggestion! I am loving my iPad (just have one for now) and I'm learning about Boardmaker. I've used SymWriter a lot in the past. Thanks so much for the response!

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