Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mostly True Stuff

OK fellow "Speckled Eggs" (AKA special ed buddies), I have a blog that you HAVE to check out. It is called Mostly True Stuff and it is seriously my most favorite blog related to special needs out there. The author, Lexi, has a son with Autism and a daughter with Down Syndrome. She is honest, she's funny, she's sentimental, and she says what we are ALL thinking! Most recently, she wrote this post on Jenny McCarthy (who I can't stand) that made me swoon :-) Check her out soon...I promise you will be HOOKED! I would love to meet Lexi one day...I might just steal her darling little Abby ;-)


Lexi said...

Name the time and place! No kidnapping as this post will be seen as premeditation.

Thank you for writing this! I love you!

Kara said...

Thank you for the heads up on such a wonderful blog! I just skimmed through the most recent few entries and am already in love. (I can't stand Jenny McCarthy, either!)

Have you read My Baby Rides the Short Bus? I definitely think you'd love it, since the tone, humor, etc. of Mostly True Things seems very similar to that book. Reminded me of it right away. Check it out! It's amazing.


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