Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Advice for new teachers....

It seems funny to be linking up to a linky party about giving advice for new teachers since, really, I still am one. But with two years under my belt there are a *few* little notes I'd like to give to new teachers out there...

1. ASK FOR HELP  Ask for help all.the.time!!!!!! You won't have any idea what you're doing a lot of the time and people will forget to tell you things that are old hat to them. It's OK, just ask.
2. FIND A MENTOR IF YOU AREN'T PROVIDED WITH ONE  In Kentucky, we have a mentor for our teacher internship year. Mine literally saved me. I could come to her in tears and she understood, I could ask for help and she'd give it to me, I could need a minute and she'd cover for me. Truly, I got through my year because of her (and my FAB instructional assistants :) ).
3. GET TO KNOW YOUR COLLEAGUES  They are huge sources of help and support. Plus, you guys will be spending lots of time together.
4. ASK FOR ADVICE, BUT DO THINGS YOUR WAY  Don't try to fit into someone else's mold. Do things your own way. It is your classroom, after all. :-)
5. WINE AND CHOCOLATE ARE NECESSARY  Go home and have a glass with a whole bag of Reese's when you need it :-) We've all had those days!

Enjoy that first year if you can....it is HARD, but so very worth it. :)



~Stephanie Moorman said...

Wine and chocolate are DEFINITELY a must! Thanks for linking up...even teachers in their second year have valuable information to impart (in fact, you are so fresh, it is almost better than us "old timers" ;) )

Teaching in Room 6

MissMath said...

I am so excited to find a fellow Kentuckian blogger! Especially a special educator:). I graduated from EKU in 2006, and moved to Maryland. I recently completed my Masters degree in Special Education Leadership and teaching from College of Notre Dame of MD. I teach at a private school with a large population of students with autism. I too feel I could have a degree in autism. So glad I found your blog:).
PS- I used to work with a girl named Rori who was from Danville and went to EKU too. Do you know her?

Claire said...

Hi MissMath-
How cool, it is SO fun to find another blogger from KY :) There aren't too many of us, although my other two favorite Kentuckians are Katie King (www.queenofthefirstgradejungle.blogspot.com) and Abby Mullins (www.theinspiredapple.blogspot.com). They are both first grade teachers, though.
I graduated from EKU in 2010 and I'm working on my masters in MSD right now. I laugh about how my life is so "full" of Autism that I already feel like I'm an expert :-P I am helping to lead a training on it for our classified staff next week. I don't know Rori, but she may be just enough older that I missed her in school. Good luck starting school back and thanks for stopping by!

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