Monday, July 16, 2012

Things I wish they taught you in undergrad

During your early years of teaching, did you ever wonder, "Seriously, what did I learn in college? This on-the-job experience is the ONLY thing that has taught me about education!"

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Well, I certainly did and still do wonder this all the time. Below I've made a little list of some of the things I wish they had taught me in college. If I left any good ones off, please leave them in a comment below :-)
1. When you teach FMD, you are automatically expected to be an expert on all things Boardmaker, SymWriter, BIGmack, and Aug Com. Get ready.
2. When you teach FMD and are short on help, you will spend at least one hour of your day in the bathroom every day. Get ready.
3. You will wipe more bottoms, hold more tissues for blown noses, and clean up more spit than you can ever imagine.
4. You will yell things you never thought you'd even say (i.e. "You are NOT pooping! Stop saying that.").
5. You must be not only an excellent planner, but also an excellent BSer at times :-)
6. As a special education teacher, you will not only manage students but also instructional assistants. It will be hard when you are 25 years younger than any of them :-)
7. As an FMD teacher in Kentucky, you will have to teach students with moderate to severe disabilities about figurative language as it relates to characters in Greek mythology. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Start brushing up on material you last learned about in 6th grade and don't remember!
8. As the behavior crisis contact, you will have to crawl on the floor, restrain students, dodge books and chairs as they are thrown at you, and have your DPP and School Safety Officer on speed dial.
9. As an FMD teacher and behavior crisis contact, others will tell you they would have to be drunk every day to have your job (they will mean they admire you when they say this, or at least that's what you'll tell yourself ;-) ).
10. As an FMD teacher, you will have to advocate for PD that is meaningful for your specific job.
11. You will juggle as many parent behavior issues as you do student behavior issues.
12. You will cry. A lot.
13. You will depend on your instructional assistants for so much, and will thank God for them every single day. They will become some of your best friends. So will the teachers you work with.
14. You will love your students like they were your own children.
15. You will have the absolute BEST job anyone, anywhere could ever ask for.



Karlie said...

Haha, my favorite is #6 about instructional assistance. SOOOO true! Such a life changer right there.

We are ALL Special!

Ms. Chrissy B said...

LOL These are true. You gotta meet the kids where they are! And the instructional assistants, too! haha

<a href='">Buzzing with Ms. B</a>

MissAllison said...

Your list made me laugh especially #9! I hear that one a lot! I teach K-4 Multiple Disabilities and I could totally relate to every point. I am your newest follower and I look forward to relating to your future posts!

Miss Allison's Class

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