Friday, August 10, 2012

A few updates

As promised, here are the photos of my fabulous Ocean Number and Letter Cards by Katie King! I used the bubble background pattern for the letters and the crab background pattern for the numbers. I just love them! Thanks to my sweet bf for helping me hang them :)

The numbers! Sorry about the glare...those lights were a little blinding!

The letters :) Just love them!

Also, I hung up my fabric panel/curtain to cover the C-R-A-P above my lockers today. I really like how it turned out! It is so nice to not see all the junk any more. Check it out:
I need to move it to the right just a tad, but it already looks SO much better :) I added labels to my lockers, too, to help me remember what I stuffed where :-P LOL

That's all for now!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Pictures!

Well, I might have been a day or two later than I said, but here are my room pictures! AND I've linked up to a linky party over at Tales-of-a-First-Grade-Teacher about classroom design and bulletin board ideas :)
This is the view from my door way. Here's my sensory center. Actually, I've got other things here, too, but it is MAINLY a sensory center. It is also where my peanut ball (the LOVE of our lives in room 120) is stored.

My SMARTBoard, whiteboard, and one bulletin board. I have a voice levels chart on the whiteboard so students have a visual. There is another bulletin board on the opposite side of the SMARTBoard, but you can't see it from here. The blue shelf was built for me by the husband of one of the IAs at WES (thanks, Big Jer!) and stores by reading and math work stations. Please excuse the chair! I was hanging my clock and clock numbers from Amy Lemons.

Here's a view of the other side! You can see my curtain that I hung over two mismatched shelves beside the bulletin board. Well, I say I hung it but REALLY it was my grandfather and his wife :) Thanks, Bill and Pat!

Our whiteboards, cookie sheets, and erasers are here in these two bins. My hot glue gun was plugged in because, again, I was hanging my clock numbers. Should I hot glue things to the walls?? Probably not, but it works, right?

My behavior clip chart! The red clip is for my visually impaired student...he wouldn't be able to read his name on a clothespin, so I thought color coding would work. 

Here is the front of the computer work area/my sort-of desk. I don't have a desk this year because there's just no room! It's OK, though, I'll make it :) I am going to attach my classroom jobs to the taller filing cabinet, which I was inspired to cover with fabric and duct tape thanks to this post by Katie King. I got that ADORABLE lamp at Hobby Lobby on 50% off which made it a whopping $11! :)

Here's the inside of the computer center. Nothing fancy, but it will work!

My little supply table! I have my teacher's toolbox and my fabulous covered Sterilite drawers here, plus my pencil sharpener that I absolutely LOVE (which I better since it was $40)!

Above are my little teacher decorations. I love my posters!!! Parts of a Teacher is probably my favorite, but I adore the rules for the classroom and my cute quote, too :)

My word wall. I have to say that I am in love with this area :) The letters, background, border, whale, and sign all just worked perfectly! My inspiration for the sign came from this blog post.

Above my reading center! I grabbed the paper lanterns for $6 total (4 small, 1 large) at a going out of business sale. I made the tissue paper flowers/pom-poms after seeing them in Katie King's classroom and followed this tutorial.

Inside my reading center! I really don't like the baskets I have the books in, but I will tackle that project next summer. I can only do so much at a time! The green matches the best of any color which is why it is on top of the shelves.

My reading helpers basket! I am hoping to add more things to this, but in it right now are line readers and these super cute flower pointers I found at the Dollar Tree! Kids can use them to point to the words as they read. They were actually with all the flower arranging things when I found them, but I knew exactly what to do with them.

Love this sign! It is inspired by the same post as the word wall sign I made. Please excuse the wall, we really need to paint it but that may have to wait til fall break.

This is the table where I will do my groups. I used fabric and duct tape to cover the ugly back of our handy sensory center shelf and make it a little more cherry back there :) This was also on the advice of Mrs. King!

Here is where Terri, my right hand lady, will be doing her small groups.

I am hoping against hope to get another IA next year! This would be her table, and if we do not get one it will be an area for student independent work. Don't you love my huge stack of lamination to cut out?! :-P

Here is our cooking area. Again, please excuse the unpainted wall (and paintbrushes drying/draining in the sink)! I am trying to cover it with some new decorations. I also have a toaster oven and hot plate I need to add to the table. It will be FABULOUS to have a real place to do food prep, as I haven't had that in the past. You can't see the fridge, but it is just outside your vision in the left hand corner of this photo.

"Cook" sign to match my read and word wall signs.

NEWLY PAINTED, SUPER GORGEOUS LOCKERS! I love the color, but the new janitor just informed me that he hates it :) Ah well, you can't win 'em all. I will be making labels for each locker which is what the post-its are currently doing.

My teaching buddy Kelly's desk. She will be joining us in our room this year due to space constraints.

My other teaching buddy, Rebekah, will have a desk in this empty spot. We will be super squeezed this year, but we'll make it work!

My sweet helper, Gus. He watched me work for a good 2 1/2 hours before I took his picture.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, but sweet friend Katie gave me a wonderful set of her letters and numbers in an ocean theme!!! She is so fabulous. Shh, don't tell her, but I have a surprise coming her way next week as a way to say thanks ;-) Click here to check out these in her TpT store, and don't forget to look at all of her fabulous units AND other letter and number styles she has available, too. I'll be hanging them up tomorrow, so I'll be sure to update you on their cuteness ASAP :)

That's all for now! Enjoy what's left of your summer, bloggy friends.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Currently

1. Listening: I'm sitting in my bed with my poodle and all I'm listening to is the fan. Sometimes I love silence :)
2. Loving: My classroom is SO CLOSE to being completed. Really, I just need to hang up my letters and numbers (you'll see them tomorrow...I'm in love) and a few little decorations. I feel so accomplished!
3. Thinking: My bf has been gone for several days and I'll definitely be ready to see him when he gets back tomorrow! :-D Not school related, I know, but it IS what I'm thinking!
4. Wanting: Next week is crazy-busy! I am taking as much time away from school as I can next week because we actually start the following one...I can't believe it! I LOVE my babies and I can't WAIT to see them, but I'll miss my freedom :-)
5. Needing: I did Safe Crisis Management re-certification last week and it about killed my poor legs and arms. I still don't think I've recovered and it MIGHT be massage time.
6. B2S Must Haves: Got the tissue paper ceiling flowers (so freakin' cute), got some of the card stock (you can never have enough, right?), and I'm working on finding the best TpT packets for my work stations! I love Susan Moran's Ice Cream B2S Packet that I just bought, and of course I love my teaching buddy Katie King's units

I was going to do my classroom pictures post in conjunction with this one, but unfortunately I'm having trouble getting things to upload tonight. Guess my classroom pics will have to wait til tomorrow :-( BUT I am posting the three I could get to work as a little preview....I'm so pumped!

This is our classroom library/reading nook.  My goal for next school year (as in 2013-2014) is to have book bins in better colors. I could only do so much this summer :-P Behind it you'll see our door, what will be our I Can statements board, the gross shelves I covered with a curtain my grandfather hung (thanks, Bill!), and my behavior clip chart.

My instruction area. I duct taped fabric to the back of my ugly brown shelf to make it a little more decorative. I am going to hang the whiteboard as soon as I can figure out how to.

My best buddy and favorite little helper! Gus visited my classroom last week to help me do some cleaning and add some finishing touches.

That's it for now! Be on the lookout for my classroom pics post TOMORROW! :-)

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