Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Currently

1. Listening: I'm sitting in my bed with my poodle and all I'm listening to is the fan. Sometimes I love silence :)
2. Loving: My classroom is SO CLOSE to being completed. Really, I just need to hang up my letters and numbers (you'll see them tomorrow...I'm in love) and a few little decorations. I feel so accomplished!
3. Thinking: My bf has been gone for several days and I'll definitely be ready to see him when he gets back tomorrow! :-D Not school related, I know, but it IS what I'm thinking!
4. Wanting: Next week is crazy-busy! I am taking as much time away from school as I can next week because we actually start the following one...I can't believe it! I LOVE my babies and I can't WAIT to see them, but I'll miss my freedom :-)
5. Needing: I did Safe Crisis Management re-certification last week and it about killed my poor legs and arms. I still don't think I've recovered and it MIGHT be massage time.
6. B2S Must Haves: Got the tissue paper ceiling flowers (so freakin' cute), got some of the card stock (you can never have enough, right?), and I'm working on finding the best TpT packets for my work stations! I love Susan Moran's Ice Cream B2S Packet that I just bought, and of course I love my teaching buddy Katie King's units

I was going to do my classroom pictures post in conjunction with this one, but unfortunately I'm having trouble getting things to upload tonight. Guess my classroom pics will have to wait til tomorrow :-( BUT I am posting the three I could get to work as a little preview....I'm so pumped!

This is our classroom library/reading nook.  My goal for next school year (as in 2013-2014) is to have book bins in better colors. I could only do so much this summer :-P Behind it you'll see our door, what will be our I Can statements board, the gross shelves I covered with a curtain my grandfather hung (thanks, Bill!), and my behavior clip chart.

My instruction area. I duct taped fabric to the back of my ugly brown shelf to make it a little more decorative. I am going to hang the whiteboard as soon as I can figure out how to.

My best buddy and favorite little helper! Gus visited my classroom last week to help me do some cleaning and add some finishing touches.

That's it for now! Be on the lookout for my classroom pics post TOMORROW! :-)



melanie322 said...

Love all of your pictures. I agree with your needing a massage. I should have put that on my list. Lol

The Kinder Garden said...

Your tissue paper flowers sound so cute!

The Kinder Garden said...
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Debbie Teise said...

Love the pictures. Is that a Bichon? I have one too. His name is Lucky. I agree with you..sometimes I love the silence and getting lost in my own thoughts. Usually I have that around 530 in the morning...with summer vacation though I have actually been rolling out of bed about 730. I need to start getting back in the school wake up mode soon or I am in trouble! :)

Teise's Tidbits

Claire said...

Thanks, all! Debbie, he is actually a miniature poodle with a foofy haircut :) I am with you, I need to start setting my alarm and actually getting up is so hard!

Ms. Rachel said...

Massage, must add that to my list!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

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