Friday, September 28, 2012

Transition Words FREEBIE

I am so pumped that Halloween season is here!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for/teach with and I am so excited to pull out some spooky centers next week :-) Bloggers seem to come up with the coolest Halloween ideas!
On another note, since we started writing, I have noticed how much my kids struggle with using transitional words and phrases in their sentences and paragraphs. So, after we finish publishing this first piece we are going back to the basics. Beginning, middle, and end it is! I'm aligning that with using transitional words and phrases by talking about what kids of transition words go in what part of a story. To help with this, I created a little center that I'm going to use with my kids during our reading centers. I've posted it here for free! :-) Check it out by clicking the picture below...

My kids are almost done with their s'more writing pieces! That has been such fun for us. The only problem is, I keep running out of time to finish them because I teach reading for way too long every day :-) Hope your year is going well...the countdown til Fall Break is on for me!
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Cynthia said...

Thanks so much for a "spooky" freebie. Basics are SO important! :-)

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